About Neon Sine Software

  • Neon Sine Software has been developing and selling software for PCs running Microsoft Windows since 2004.
  • We're based in Cheshire, in the North West of England.


  • High quality software for Windows, which:
    • Is clean, simple, efficient and easy to use.
    • Does not require an Internet connection.
    • Does not secretly use the Internet behind the scenes.
  • All Windows software is provided as downloads with a free free trial period, which:
    • Reduces costs.
    • Is better for the environment - no need to physically ship products.
    • Can be unlocked by purchasing a licence key - no need to download a 'full version' later.
  • Email-only contact, to give:
    • More flexibility and reduced costs.
      We strive to answer all emails as soon as possible - but please remember we're in the United Kingdom time zone.