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Changes for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018.

With that in mind, a great deal of thought has been given to why we need various pieces of data, and how we use it.
A number of changes have been made to the Neon Sine Software website.

Updated and expanded Privacy Policy

  • This describes more clearly what Personal Data we collect, how we use it, how we protect it, and when we delete it.

Added Website Terms and Conditions

  • This is a new page, and also refers to the privacy policy.

Updated Shop Terms and Conditions

  • This page now refers to the privacy policy. Customers have to check a box to agree to the terms before ordering.

Added Personal Data Query Form

  • This enables customers to ask us what Personal Data we have about them.

Added Personal Data Change Form

  • This enables customers to ask us to alter and correct the Personal Data we have on record. It also allows them to ask us to delete some of the information.

A minimal amount of address information is collected during ordering

  • We just ask for the country and state/county now.

The option to comment on our blog posts has been removed

  • This removes another place where Personal Data could be collected without consent.
  • We may add this option back in future, but blog posts are not a high priority at the moment.
  • 2 May 2018 — This was added back after further changes to this website.

It is no longer possible to create an account from the ‘My Account’ page

  • Customers can only create accounts when placing an order, where they also have to consent to the terms and conditions. (Creating an account is still optional.)

The option of purchasing non-subscription keys has been removed

  • This should eventually mean fewer requests to replace lost licence keys from many years ago, and therefore less need to retain and process Personal Data.


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New Website

Time for Change

The old Neon Sine Software website has had the same structure since it started in 2004. It was written in html, using a text editor - so it was clean, simple and fast. Those are good qualities, and we have a similar attitude towards developing software.

However, in recent years, the fact that the site was not mobile-friendly has been causing search rankings to drop.

Therefore, despite our software currently only consisting of desktop applications at present, it has become necessary to change the site and make it mobile-friendly.

We decided to use WordPress for the new site. This made it quicker to develop the new site, and should also help us to keep it up-to-date in future.

We also took the opportunity to add a shopping system, using WooCommerce and the Storefront theme. (The old site just had PayPal Buy It Now buttons.) This makes it easier for us to request things like the name required for your licence key. It also makes it easier to send temporary licence keys automatically, immediately when an order is placed.

Some screen shots of the old site are shown below.

The Old Home Page

Old Neon Sine Software Website 1

The Old Just Barcodes Home Page

Old Neon Sine Software Website 2

The Old Just Barcodes Download Page

Old Neon Sine Software Website 3

The Old Just Barcodes Purchase Page

Old Neon Sine Software Website 4