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Version 2 Software Releases

Along with the newly updated website, all software products have been updated to version 2 – Just Barcodes, Just Barcodes CL and Sudoku Now!

To the outside world, the changes will appear fairly minor. But there have been a number of internal changes. The revision histories, accessed from the download pages, have more details.

Licence Changes

All version 2 software requires version 2 licence keys. This is a primary reason for updating all the software versions together.

Since 2004, we have provided free lifetime updates. Sadly, that has become unsustainable, and changes became necessary.

From version 2 onwards, there is a choice of the following:

Standard Licence – this is similar to before – except that major upgrades will now require a new key, for which there will be a charge. If a major upgrade becomes available within 3 months of purchase, we will provide it free of charge – just fill in a free upgrade form. Minor updates will still be free, as before.

Subscription Licence – this will work for a fixed period, starting from when the key is first used. However, there is the advantage that you are entitled to free major upgrades, for a fixed period, starting from the date of purchase. A new key will be required, but will be provided free of charge – simply fill in a free upgrade form. The period for the new key will be based on the date of purchase and the length of the subscription. Minor updates will of course be free as well.


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New Website

Time for Change

The old Neon Sine Software website has had the same structure since it started in 2004. It was written in html, using a text editor - so it was clean, simple and fast. Those are good qualities, and we have a similar attitude towards developing software.

However, in recent years, the fact that the site was not mobile-friendly has been causing search rankings to drop.

Therefore, despite our software currently only consisting of desktop applications at present, it has become necessary to change the site and make it mobile-friendly.

We decided to use WordPress for the new site. This made it quicker to develop the new site, and should also help us to keep it up-to-date in future.

We also took the opportunity to add a shopping system, using WooCommerce and the Storefront theme. (The old site just had PayPal Buy It Now buttons.) This makes it easier for us to request things like the name required for your licence key. It also makes it easier to send temporary licence keys automatically, immediately when an order is placed.

Some screen shots of the old site are shown below.

The Old Home Page

Old Neon Sine Software Website 1

The Old Just Barcodes Home Page

Old Neon Sine Software Website 2

The Old Just Barcodes Download Page

Old Neon Sine Software Website 3

The Old Just Barcodes Purchase Page

Old Neon Sine Software Website 4