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Introducing Sudoku Now!

Create and play random Sudoku games.

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  • Play, solve and create Sudoku games on your Windows PC.
  • Downloads Page - with free 10-day trial.
  • Shop - where you can choose a Licence Key to suit your needs, and continue using Sudoku Now! after the free trial.

Key Features

  • Generate random games with four difficulty levels.
  • Play on the computer (against the clock if you wish).
  • Auto-Solve a single cell, a random cell or the whole game.
    Assistance features:

    • Highlight cells that have only one possible choice (candidate).
    • Highlight cells that have a hidden single candidate.
    • Show the available candidates for the current cell.
    • Show the available candidates for all the remaining cells.
    • Hide candidates manually, to help you work towards the solution.
    • Remove incorrect entries.
  • Design mode allows you to enter games from books and magazines.
  • Print the game so you can play without a computer.
  • Save games and designs to continue or replay in the future.
  • Records your top three fastest times and allows you to replay those games in future.
  • Customise the appearance - change all the colours, resize the grid and adjust score keeping and keypad settings etc.
  • Help file explains every feature, and provides tips.

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Customer Comments (on eBay)

  • Great game and good communication. Thanks for the auction
  • Thank You Very Much Brilliant
  • I received item as advertised - fast service - polite follow up email - great!


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