Just Barcodes FAQ

Most Common

Q. Why have I not received my Licence Key?

A. We make temporary keys available immediately at the time of purchase, which you may use while we process your order. But if you have not received the licence key / keys you ordered within 24 hours, please check:

  • You have given us the correct email address.
  • Your spam (junk) email filter and ISP allows email from our domain (neonsinesoftware.co.uk).

Please contact us or send a support request if you think there has been a problem, or if you need us to send your key again.

Most Common

Q. I have a new computer and I have lost my Licence Key. Can I have a free replacement?

A. We are happy to replace your lost licence key - please fill in the lost licence key form.


Q. What does it do?

A. Just Barcodes allows you to generate bitmap images of barcodes. Typically, these are copied and pasted into a desktop publishing or image editing package. Alternatively, they may be saved or printed.

For a command-line version without a graphical user interface, please see Just Barcodes CL instead.

Q. Can I design labels with it?

A. Not directly. Just Barcodes is designed to generate barcodes for use in other programs, such as your preferred image editor or desktop publishing package. For this reason, it does not allow you add lines, graphics or general text, and only has basic printing facilities (for testing purposes).

Q. Will it suit my needs?

A. Please try it and see! Remember that you can use Just Barcodes free for up to 30 days, on a trial basis. There are no restrictions or limitations regarding what you can do with the barcodes you generate during that time. See the download page to get started.

Q. How do I obtain a barcode number for my product?

A. Before you can use UPC or EAN codes in retail applications, you need to get an EAN.UCC company prefix. The GS1 web site is a good place to go for more information: www.gs1.org/barcodes

You will need to obtain a company prefix - you can then form full barcode numbers by appending your own item reference numbers to it. Then you can generate the barcode using a program such as Just Barcodes CL, ready for printing on your product.

Q. Where can I find more information on barcodes?

A. Here are some books worth checking out:
(Buying through these links helps support this site, but will not cost you any more.)

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Q. Where can I find out more about ISBN numbers?

A. The ISBN Users' Manual, available at www.isbn-international.org is a good place to start.

Q. What about Code 128 / EAN-128 character sets A, B and C?

A. Just Barcodes handles everything automatically. The starting character set is chosen automatically, and Just Barcodes switches character set when necessary within the barcode, to produce a compact barcode. This is easier than using barcode fonts.

User Questions

Q. How can I get the exact magnification % value that I want?

A. The resolution you are using determines what magnification values are possible. You may have to settle for a slightly higher or lower magnification.

Q. Why do I get black horizontal lines across my TIFF files?

A. Just Barcodes saves the TIFF files correctly, but some software fails to render certain compressed TIFF files correctly, including the previews in Vista and Windows 7. For Windows 7, this hotfix is available from Microsoft. More information is on this Microsoft web page. An alternative is to save the files without compression (this can be set in Preferences), or use the BMP format instead.

Q. Where can I get the OCR-B font recommended for EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A or UPC-E barcodes?

A. One source is www.myfonts.com. The suggested type is TrueType for Windows. We do not supply this font in order to keep the price to a minimum. (Some users may already have this font on their system. Others may use a symbology that does not require OCR-B, such as Code 39 or Code 128.)