Sudoku Now! FAQ

Most Common

Q. Why have I not received my Licence Key?

A. We make temporary keys available immediately at the time of purchase, which you may use while we process your order. But if you have not received the licence key / keys you ordered within 24 hours, please check:

  • You have given us the correct email address.
  • Your spam (junk) email filter and ISP allows email from our domain (

Please contact us or send a support request if you think there has been a problem, or if you need us to send your key again.


Q. What does it do?

A. Sudoku Now! allows you to play, solve and create Sudoku games.

Q. is there a mobile version available?

A. Sorry - it's only available as a Windows desktop application at the moment.

Q. Should it be called Sudoku or Su Doku?

A. The name Sudoku seems to be far more commonly used, so we decided to go with that!

Q. Can all the games be solved without trial and error?

A. Yes!

Q. How many different games are there?

A. The games are calculated randomly. So the number of possible games is, for practical purposes, unlimited.

Q. How many solutions are there to each game?

A. The random games created by Sudoku Now! only have one solution. However, you may design your own game (or enter one from a book or magazine) that has more than one solution. In general, we recommend avoiding games with more than one solution.