Sudoku Now! Screen Shots

Main Window

Shows various highlight modes, with candidates in the blank cells.

Sudoku Now! 2 Main Screen

Keypad Window

You can leave this open while you play, and use it to enter numbers, pencil marks, as well as showing and hiding candidates and more.

Sudoku Now! 2 Keypad Window

Settings Window

If you don't like the default colours, you change change every one of them! There are separate sets of colours for playing, designing and printing etc.

There is also a wide range of other settings which can be configured.

Sudoku Now! 2 Settings Window

Help Window

Don't worry if you don't know much about the game.

The help feature describes every feature, and various techniques for solving the game.

Sudoku Now! 2 Help Window

Print Your Own Sudoku Games

You can print games to play without your computer.

This was printed on a laser printer.

Sudoku Now! 2 Printed Game